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(last updated November 2018)

G Tunes (GDAE)

D Tunes (ADAE)

Cross A Tunes (AEAE)

Sail Away Ladies

(Uncle Dave Macon)

Julianna Johnson

(Emmet Lundy)

Late For the Dance

(Garry Harrison)

Lazy John

(Clyde Davenport)

Cumberland Gap

(via Greg Canote)


(Charles Long)

Nail That Catfish to a Tree

(Steve Rosen)

Susanna Gal

(Tommy Jarrell)

Old Time Buffalo Gals

(John Hodges)

Shove That Pig’s Foot

(Marcus Martin)

Roscoe’s Gone

(Hank Bradley)

Chicken & Dumplings

(Trevor Stuart)

Big Sciota

(Burl Hammons)

Johnny Don’t Get Drunk

(John Ashby)

Old Horse & Buggy

(Art Stamper)

Barlow Knife

(Norman Edmonds)

Mississippi Sawyer

(Edden Hammons)

Breaking Up Xmas

(Tommy Jarrell)

Great  Big Taters

(Eck Robertson)

Angeline the Baker

(Stephen Foster)

Spring’s All Muddy

(Edden Hammons)

Indian Corn

(Eldon Skaggs)

Swannanoa Waltz

(Rayna Gellert)

Leland’s Waltz

(Tom Foss)

Liza Jane

(Marion Reece)

Camp Meeting on  4th July



(Henry Reed)

Old Chattanoga

(Blaine Smith)


(Sam McGee)

Double File

(Gaither Carlton)


(Jake Phelps)

Sugar Hill

(Tommy Jarrell)

Old Time Old Joe Clark

(via Howard Raines)

Devil Ate a Groundhog

(Snake Chapman)

Susanna Gal

(Tommy Jarrell)

Grandad’s Favourite

(Ernie Carpenter)


(Kyle Creed)

Roscoe’s Gone

(Hank Bradley)

Where the Dogwoods

(Alton Meade)

Sadie at the Back Door

(Jere Canote)

Old Aunt Jenny with Her Nightcap On (Estil Bingham)

Rock the Cradle Joe

(Trad/ Franklin George)

Elk River Blues

(Erie Carpenter)

Charleston Gals

(Melvin Wine)

Sailing Over England

(Lee Triplett)

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